Biking in Estes Park

Biking in Estes Park

The Estes Park area is a cyclist’s paradise, with an abundance of biking trails and stunning scenery. Sometimes it seems like there are more bikes on the road than cars!

Whether you prefer mountain biking, road biking or leisure biking, Estes Park has the perfect trail for you:

Mountain biking in Estes Park

Mountain bikers love Roosevelt National Forest, a preserved area that features dozens of trails covering pine-filled forests, open grasslands and rock-studded terrain. Another perennial favorite is Hermit Park Open Space, which is also a great place to camp. When planning your trip, keep in mind that the popular Rocky Mountain National Park doesn’t allow mountain biking on its trails, except for Old Fall River Road before and after the seasonal cars-only period.

Road biking in Estes Park

Bring the entire family and coast an easy 12 miles from Estes Park to Drake while enjoying scenic views. For more advanced cyclists, we recommend traveling south on Highway 7, which is part of the Peak to Peak Scenic Byway and rewards cyclists who are up for a workout with spectacular scenery.

Leisure biking in Estes Park

Those looking for an easy ride will enjoy the Estes Lake Loop Trail. This paved path follows the shoreline of Estes Lake to the east of downtown. Didn’t bring your own set of wheels? No problem—there are several places to rent bikes near the trail.

Misty Mountain Lodge is the perfect choice for an active getaway in Estes Park. Call us today at 855-441-4100 to book your room and get ready to enjoy the great outdoors on two wheels!

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