What Kind of Wildlife is There to See in Rocky Mountain National Park?

What Kind of Wildlife is There to See in Rocky Mountain National Park?

Part of the thrill of visiting Estes Park is the opportunity to observe some of the mesmerizing animals that have made their home right around the corner in the Rocky Mountains! Wildlife enthusiasts come from all over to head on an adventurous hike and try to spot some of the stunning mammals that roam the mountains.

Keep an eye out for one of these breathtaking creatures during your next trip to the Colorado Rockies!


There’s a fairly decent chance you might catch a glimpse of this colossal animal in areas of the park with aquatic vegetation and willow trees. They tend to stay in any given location range for up to a couple weeks eating leaves, stems, and tree bark—up to 70 pounds a day!

Moose usually live solitary lifestyles but coexist well with fellow wildlife. Like any animal though, a moose will become aggressive when feeling threatened. Be sure to take the right precautions if you encounter one on your travels.

Bighorn Sheep

It’s no surprise that bighorn sheep are on the list of animals you may come across when visiting Estes Park—they’re the symbol of Rocky Mountain National Park and state animal of Colorado! They’re frequently spotted hanging out at Sheep Lakes from May until almost the end of summer.

The bighorn is the largest wild sheep in North America, with some of the biggest males weighing in at over 300 pounds! Specially developed, flexible, spongy hooves provide these impressive animals with a natural grip that allows them to make astonishingly steep climbs on sharp cliff faces. If you’re lucky, you might catch one of them on the move.


These pudgy creatures are one of the largest members of the squirrel family and can be found in high elevations and rocky areas of the national park. They emerge from hibernation for mating season in the spring.

During their active season, marmots scurry around for grasses, flowers, insects, and other omnivorous food sources to fatten them up for their long hibernation. These cuddly looking creatures are best seen traversing the alpine tundra on Trail Ridge and Old Fall River roads.

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