What to Do If You See a Black Bear in Estes Park

What to Do If You See a Black Bear in Estes Park

The Rocky Mountains are home to a variety of wildlife, including black bears. Keep in mind that while black bear attacks are rare, these are wild animals whose behavior can be unpredictable and who are best admired from a distance.

Here’s what to do if you see a black bear:

  • If you see a bear, avoid surprising it. Most bears will avoid humans if they see you coming.
  • Whatever you do, stay calm, stand tall and do not run. Like dogs, bears will chase fleeing animals.
  • Pick up any small children who may be near you.
  • Make noise so that the bear knows you’re human and not a prey animal. Talk in a loud but calm voice, sing or clap your hands. Never imitate bear sounds or make high-pitched noises.
  • Back away slowly and sideways, keeping the bear in sight.
  • Consider carrying bear spray with you on the trail. Some bears may charge a short distance in order to intimidate you; if they do, have your bear spray in hand.

The best way to avoid unwanted encounters with black bears is to practice proper food storage. Keep food with you all times and never leave a pack containing food, including baby food or pet food, unattended.

When hiking near Estes Park, you probably won’t see any black bears, but you will see spectacular Rocky Mountain scenery. After a day on the trails, rest your head at the Misty Mountain Lodge. All of our rooms come with all the amenities you need to have a clean and comfortable stay at an affordable price. Contact us now or to book your room today and get ready for a vacation to remember in beautiful Colorado!

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